Virtual Office Cayman Islands Service is a customer service and operator solution for your small businesses in Cayman. We provide you with a local Cayman Based telephone number for Small and Medium Size Business.
You can either advertise or divert your existing number to. You do not need any additional equipment to start using our Answering Service and we can have you set up in minutes. Your virtual Cayman receptionist will answer calls in your company name and sound exactly like your own company receptionist.
We can then transfer the caller through to you on your mobile or land line. If you are unavailable we can take a message and send it to you by either email or text message depending on your call handling instructions.
Industries Served

E-commerce websites
Product / Services
Seminar Reservation
Event Planning Companies
Funeral homes
Insurance Companies
HVAC / Plumbing companies
Building Construction
General contractors/Construction Companies
Appointment scheduling
Help Desk support
Emergency response answering service
Repossession companies
Towing companies
Dealer locator services
Property Management
IT Support Companies
Any other companies/ services that requires calls to be answered
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