Virtual Office CaymanDedicated  Phone Number

All clients receives a dedicated Cayman Based Land Line Number

This is your own dedicated number for your clients to contact you, Our numbers are NOT shared by multiple clients.

Virtual Office CaymanCall Transfer / Call Patching

When a call comes in that meets your requirements to be patched, our Virtual Assistant Representatives will take the caller’s name and a phone number or any other information if desired ,then politely place your client on hold. They will then call you on a separate line, and transfer the call once you’ve answered and confirmed that you are available.

Virtual Office CaymanCustomized Call Scripting

Let us know how your calls should be answered

Customized call scripting allows each client to specify the manner in which callers are greeted.

Virtual Office CaymanEmail & SMS Notification

         Real time message notification

Virtual Office CaymanYour own voice-mail box

Dedicated voice-mail box allow  callers to leave a message outside of your regular business hours, all messages are delivered to your email as an audio file attachment .