Answering Services Saint Lucia

  At Answering Service Saint Lucia we work diligently around the clock 24/7/365 to help our clients succeed. We are a team of smart, personable, off-site receptionists providing companies of all types and sizes throughout the Saint Lucia and the Caribbean with richer more customized experience.

In a friendly, courteous, and professional manner, our virtual receptionists answer your phone calls. We connect you to your callers. We provide your current and potential customers with helpful information when you can't be reached. We get to know your business, so you can trusted us with it. We do everything you'd expect a great receptionist to do except we're off-site. Basically, we work for you, just not in your office. Your callers can't tell the difference.

Customized Answering Services Communication Solutions

 Answering Services Saint Lucia telecommunication systems are outfitted with the Cisco AVVID architecture, this ensures that our operations are highly available and easily scalable. High availability is essential to both customer satisfaction and employee productivity. By ensuring that our technical team is certified in Cisco, Microsoft & Mikrotik Technologies we are proactive in resolving technical issues before a major downtime is experienced.

Quality Of Service

We only hire telephone agents who are dedicated to our own aims – to provide you with the kind of service you would want your own staff to provide. Your callers will never hear extraneous background sounds, such as a radio playing music, children crying, or a dog barking. Callers directed to call centers that use remote telephone agents often have to put up with that kind of poor quality. You should always demand the best. After all, if you are paying for a quality service, make sure you get it. The only way to be sure of getting the best service you can, is to seek a service with professionally trained and dedicated staff, one that uses only the most advanced hardware and software, and one that only employs in-house staff.

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