Automated Attendant

 Now there's no need to purchase an expensive Auto Attendant or PBX to answer your calls and route them to the correct person or department. Your new Auto Attendant and phone system can be hosted by Virtual Enterprise. It will answer your phone calls with your company's menu and transfer callers to the correct person or department.

Call Routing
Automatic Call Distribution
Call Screening
Voice Mail
Zero-out to Operator or Attendant

                       Virtual Office Cayman Auto Attendant Services

Make your business look bigger with an auto attendant. Auto Attendant is a powerful automated business service that replaces the need for a receptionist.
Isn’t it impressive when you call a company and get an Auto Attendant message like the one below? You just know you’re dealing with a company that’s got its act together. Our services includes the Auto Attendant with our Virtual Office business phone service.

Welcome to ABC Company, your leading provider of high quality services.
For the Sales Department, press 1
For Customer Service, press 2
To Dial by Name, press 3
To Dial by Extension, press 4
For the Company Directory, press 5

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